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ProtWare Inc. privacy policy
We will never disclose to any third parties, or make publicly available, any information about our customers, people involved in our beta testing programs, users of our free products, or any individual or entity we have been in contact with regarding our products.
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What is your upgrade policy? If I purchase HTML Guardian Professional or Enterprise, do I have to pay for the new versions you release ?
No. All the registered users of HTML Guardian Professional and HTML Guardian Enterprise will receive all future new versions free of charge.
Unlike most software companies which charge their customers for each upgrade, you will never have to pay anything after you purchase the program. Even the people who purchased version 1.0 in 1997 still receive all updates for free, and we have no intension to change that.
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Do you offer a money back guarantee?
No. There is no difference in the core functionality of HTML Guardian Personal and Professional / Enterprise editions.
You can test all HTML Guardian Professional / Enterprise edition features with HTML Guardian Personal edition. You can download HTML Guardian Personal edition for free and test it as long as you wish, until you are absolutely confident it fits your needs. Once you are sure it's the right choice, you can purchase the Professional or Enterprise edition.
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Do you plan to release HTML Guardian for Linux and Mac?
HTML Guardian for Linux is in early stages of development. We hope to release the first public beta version for Linux soon, so please check our beta testing page in case you are interested.
We currently don't plan to release HTML Guardian for Mac because of the low popularity of the Macintosh platform. Occasionaly we receive questions whether it's possible to use HTML Guardian on Mac's. There are several PC emulators that make possible Windows programs to be used on Mac, so you can try. Note that we do not recommend do not provide technical support for such form of usage. However it's not a problem to encrypt html, javascript etc. files or to protect images created on Mac's
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