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Password protected file is displayed even if I enter a wrong password.
This only looks like a bug. If you choose 'Display blank page' in case of incorrect html password, this could never happen. If you choose 'Go back', but then you directly open the file(not by clicking a link to it in another file) it could happen, if you're testing the file offline. It could also happen if you choose to redirect the visitor to another url and you're testing the file offline.
These problems will not appear when your protected page is requested from web server.
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Referrer check doesn't work.
This option will not work if you test the protected page offline, you have to put it online and view it using the http protocol. Always check pages protected this way online! Note that some web servers does not support this option. If the online test fails, you host your site on such sever - in this case, don't use it.
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You said HTML Guardian will dramatically increase visits to my site, but there is no difference at all.
We said that it could do so, not that it will !
By encrypting your site, HTML Guardian will protect it from being blocked by web content filters.
Many of our customers reported a noticeable increase in visits to their sites immediately after they started to use HTML Guardian. Some of them reported 2,3 or even 5 times more visits per day!
However, this depends on the nature of your site. If it is not likely to be blocked by web content filters, you don't have to expect more visits as a result of encryption. Also, HTML Guardian can't help if the filters block your site by its URL.
There are two ways web content filters block sites - by URL and by scanning the html code for certain keywords. Using the first method only is now considered unreliable because it requires maintaining huge databases with millions of URL's which has to be updated daily. Good content filters use both methods together. You can be sure that eBay.com, Amazon.com, Formula1.com, Travel.com, Download.com or mp3.com are blocked by their URL's. But sites which are not so popular and are not in the URL blacklist, are blocked after scanning their code for 'bad' words. If this is the case for your web site, HTML Guardian can surely help.
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I lost my original files! Can you help me recover them?
Sorry, we can't do this. Please don't ask us. We regularly receive emails like "I replaced my original files with encrypted ones by mistake, can you help me recover them ?". We did our best to help users of HTML Guardian avoid such problems. HTML Guardian will never overwrite the original file with the encrypted one by default. The only exception is if you use a file list or a batch file to encrypt multiple files at once, and you specify the same filename for the input and the output file.
So be careful when creating file lists and batch files, and always backup your work.
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Where is CodeAnalyzer? How to access it?
CodeAnalyzer is still here. However, since version 5.0 all Code Analyzer engine settings can no longer be accessed from the user interface. During the beta test period we found that the too many options it has tend to confuse the users. That's way the CodeAnalyzer engine was almost completely rewritten. Now it runs in the background and sends feedback commands to the Encryption engine without the need of user intervention.
However you can still configure the most important Code Analyzer engine settings from the Profiles and Advanced Settings window.
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Encrypted file doesn't work after I upload it to PayPal
Click "Settings" --> "General Settings". Check "Paypal-friendly encryption" box and then re-encrypt the file.
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