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Can I

hide source code

  of the protected web pages?

When you encrypt html, javascript, vbscript etc. files, this will hide source code of the original file. Visitors of your site will not be able to view the original source code of the protected files after they click the View-->Source command in their browsers, if they open the encrypted file in a simple text editor (like for example Notepad) or in a html editor (such as HomeSite, DreamWeaver, Front Page) etc. - only the encrypted html source will be visible, but it's absolutely useless if your intension is to modify a bit and then reuse a portion of the secured file in another website.

hide source code html

Normally if someone wants to copy a part of some web page, he/she will load the page in some html editor, visually select the part he/she is interested in, copy it and paste it in another file. This way the html source of the selected portion will be automatically copied to the new file and then it can be easily edited.
If the html source is encrypted, it is impossible to identify and extract the html source code that is used to display a certain element of the page.
If for instance you have a dhtml menu in your page and it is protected, it is impossible to identify which part of the encrypted code visualizes this menu. You can not just copy it and then paste it in another file, you can't modify the menu items, files they link to etc.
Actually after you hide html source code by encrypting the original source, it will be absolutely impossible to re-use whatever portion of it. Modifying even a single character from within the encrypted source will make it non-working and will result in various browser error messages and incorrect rendering of the page (in most of the cases a blank page will be displayed, or a page that contains nothing but a collection of random garbage characters).

So, the answer to the question 'Can I hide html source code ?' is Yes. You can hide source code of the original files. It can not be copied and pasted, edited in any html editor, or reused without permission in whatever form in other websites. This is valid for all the supported file types - javascript, vbscript, css, etc, and of course for html.Hide source functionality will not however disable View Source command available in most of the browsers - but this command will only display the protected code, not the original one.

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