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Using each protection option adds an extra layer of security to your protected html Hide source code is just one of them. Let's see how different protection options increase the security:
-disable right click blocks access to the browser right click context menu. This will disable View source, Save image as and all other commands available in the browser's context menu.
-don't show links in status bar will hide links (prevent displaying link targets) in the browser's status bar (usually situated at the bottom of the browser window. When you put the mouse over a hyperlink, the file which the hyperlink will open if clicked is displayed in the status bar).
- disable text selection prevents copy/paste operations for any text available in the web page for which this security option is used. It will not be possible to select text by pressing the ctrl+a shortcut , dragging the mouse over the text, or clicking the Edit menu --> Select All menu item (which is in fact equivalent to pressing CTRL+A keys in almost all browsers).
-don't allow offline use option prevents opening a file protected this way for offline reading / usage. If you just double click such file in Windows expolorer or any other file manager (like Total Commander, Power Desk, Directory Opus etc.), as you normally do to open any other file in its associated application, nothing will be displayed. The file protected with this option will only be displayed properly if requested through the http protocol from a web server.
This option, if used, will not only hide html source code of the html files used offline, it will make them totally useless.
The option 'Lock files to domain' is an even more restrictive version of the above - it will allow viewing of protected files only if they are requested from the specified domain.
- html password protection option makes impossible to access the password encrypted content without entering the correct password used to encrypt the html source. There are two types of html password protection available in HTML Guardian - basic and ultra-strong password encryption. (note that the additional security options for the ultra strong html password protection can't be configured from the user interface - to modify them you should edit the se_template.htm file locateted in the program's installation folder. Please make a backup copy of the template before editing it.)
referrer check security option ensures that the protected page can only be opened from a list of predefined, trusted url's. A html file protected with the referrer check option can't be opened by clicking a link to it located in page from within another domain (and thus it prevents links theft, one of the most common forms of web content theft). Using this option will hide source of html files (and the targets of all the links they contain) from people that want to steal your links.
-disable page printing will make impossible a protected html file to be printed. In case of an attempt to print a protected html file, only empty (blank) pages will be printed out.
-disable print screen & clipboard security option will make impossible to take screenshots from the encrypted file, or to store whatever data from it in the clipboard.
html hide source,disable view source

HTML hide source functionality is limited - it will hide the original html source only. You can not hide the encrypted html source - but you do not need to do this at all. Encrypted source remains encrypted always - it can not be reused in any form, and it is not possible to extract any portion of it for usage in other files.

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