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Protect style sheets - encrypt css files

You can protect style sheet (.css) files with HTML Guardian, but this requires a small modification to be made in each html file that uses a protected style sheet. HTML Guardian converts style sheets into encrypted script files - if you encrypt let's say myStyle.css file, the result will be saved as myStyle.js, it will not have a .css extension.

In each html file that uses myStyle.css, there should be a reference to it in the sorce code like
<link rel="stylesheet" href="myStyle.css" type="text/css">
- you should remove this reference and put a reference to the encrypted myStyle.js instead like this
<script src = "myStyle.js"></script>
So if you want to use an encrypted .css file together with encrypted html files, you should first encrypt the .css file, then modify and encrypt the html files.

You can encrypt .css files only if you select them with the 'Select file' button.
When you encrypt folders or sites defined in the Site Manager or FileList Manager, .css files will not be encrypted.

If you want to use an encrypted .css file when you encrypt a folder or a site, you should proceed as follows:
- encrypt the .css file
- replace the reference to the .css file with a reference to the encrypted .js file created by HTML Guardian (as explained above) in each html file that uses the style sheet.
- encrypt the folder (site).

You can't encrypt style sheets(.css) in any of the available batch encryption modes - with the Site Manager, File List Manager, in command line mode or when encrypting all the files in a folder. You can protect css (style sheets) only individually.

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