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Can I 

protect html

  code and scripts?
Yes. If you encrypt them, no portion of the code can be reused in another file. It is not possible to identify and extract a part of the code which corresponds to a certain part of the document's visual layout. For example, if you have a table in your page, it is not possible to determine what part of the encrypted code corresponds to that table. Editing encrypted files with HTML editor or in any other way is not possible. Changing even a single character will make the file non-working.
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Can I protect java applets?
You can not protect the java files(.class, .jar, .cab, .zip) with HTML Guardian.
But you don't have to worry about that. Almost all applets has to be configured to work. This is done through parameter tags inside the <applet> tag, i.e. applet configuration is a part of the html code. The applet files are useless if you don't know what parameters to use and what values are acceptable for them, but this info can't be obtained from the encrypted html file. So your applets are safe.
There are also many applets you have to pay for. They usually need some kind of registration number to work, and this number is provided as a parameter inside the <applet> ... </applet> tag - anyone can see it, get the java applet files and use them with no problems at all. If you protect html files which use the applet, this will be impossible.
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Can I protect my links from stealing and leeching?
Yes. When you protect html source, you automatically protect links as well. Also, you may check the 'Disable right click' and 'Don't show links in status bar' boxes. This way links can't be copied by using the right click context menu, and link targets will not be visible in browser's status bar when the mouse is over a link. Be careful when using the 'Don't show links in status bar' option - it will suppress your custom status bar messages, if any.
HTML Guardian will also make impossible link leeching. Many programs(such as popular download managers GoZilla , GetRight and others) can leech all links from a html document. If for example you have a picture gallery on your site, it's a one minute job to leech the links to all your images with such program. Then someone can directly use your links in another site, this way not only stealing them, but also generating a traffic to your site which you may have to pay.
So HTML Guardian will not only make impossible stealing and leeching of your links, but may also save you money in case you have to pay for the traffic.
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Can I encrypt cascading style sheets(.css) files?
Yes. Encryption of .css files is explained here. If you define the styles within the html protect file, they will be encrypted as everything else.
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What from my source code will be encrypted?
For html and frameset files, everything will be encrypted except some parts of the head tag, such as meta tags(unless you check 'Encrypt Meta Tags' box) and title - they will remain unchanged .Of course if you select partial encryption only parts of the code specified by you will be encrypted. Scripts are always entirely encrypted.
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What HTML Editor I should use to create my pages? What 'HTML Guardian compatible editor' means?
You can use any text editor(Notepad, UltraEdit, etc) or HTML editor(DreamWeaver, FrontPage, HomeSite etc) to create the pages you want to protect.HTML Guardian will encrypt your files no matter what program you used to create them.
Since version 5.0, we no longer issue 'HTML Guardian compatible' certificates to certain editors. The main reason is HTML Guardian's CodeAnalyzer Engine was greatly improved and now it can handle almost any non-standard piece of code that certain HTML Editors produce. You can protect html source code created with any editor.
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