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How to remove the banner from encrypted files?
If you purchase HTML Guardian Professional or HTML Guardian Enterprise Edition, the banner will not be included in the encrypted files.
But we suggest that you first test the completely free Personal edition which has all the features of the Professional / Enterprise editions.
A complete comparison between HTML Guardian Personal, Professional and Enterprise editions you can see here.
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Will encrypted files be displayed correctly in all browsers?
The current version of HTML Guardian has been tested with versions 4.0 and higher of Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera browsers. However, encrypted files should work fine in any javascript enabled browser on any platform. There is no requirement for a specific version of javascript, the very first one is enough. HTML Guardian automatically adds <noscript> tag to all encrypted html files, which will be displayed if the browser is not javascript enabled(but such browsers are something really exotic and hard to find these days).
Of course, files encrypted with the alternative encryption method (for IE 5+ only) will not work in other browsers.
Also, encrypted files will work in all browsers built on Internet Explorer(no matter what encryption method was used), like NetCaptor, FastBrowser, ClickGarden, etc.
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Can I encrypt files created on Macintosh computers?
Yes, you can. Note that Ascii files created on MAC/UNIX(like) systems are different from ones created on Windows, although the differences are not visible - Mac/UNIX use different characters to mark a new line. That's why the files should be converted to Windows format before encryption.
HTML Guardian will detect and convert such files automatically in most cases, but if you have problems with files created on non-Windows machines, you should convert them to Windows format before encryption.
There are several programs that can convert files from any format to Windows format, like for example UltraEdit (click File --> Conversions --> UNIX/MAC to DOS)
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Will encryption increase the size of the protected file?
Not really. Typically HTML Guardian will add less than 1K to the encrypted files, if no additional options are used. If you select all additional options, this will additionally increase the size with about 1K. (For personal edition, additional 1K will be added because of the HTML Guardian banner). This is practically nothing, it will increase the download time with less than a second if your visitors use 28.8 modem, which is something really rare these days.
The above applies only to small files, like 10K or smaller. If the file to be encrypted is bigger, the encrypted file could be even smaller than the original. That's because HTML Guardian compresses the code before the encryption, i.e. it entirely removes html formatting.All unnecessary blank lines, new lines, tabs, spaces and so on(which otherwise make your code look steady and easily readable) are removed.
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How to encrypt multiple files at once?
There are several ways to do that.
- To encrypt quickly all files in a folder, click 'Select folder', then set the desired protection options and click 'Encrypt'. All appropriate files in that folder will be encrypted. Encrypted files will be saved in a Folder_name_E folder under the same names. This method has some limitations - all files will be encrypted with the same set of protection options.
- For maximum flexibility, use HTML Guardian's File List Manager. This way you can encrypt at once sets of files which reside in different directories, and you can use different protection options for each file.
- HTML Guardian also offers a full command line support. You can use this feature to control HTML Guardian from another applications like your own VisualBasic, C etc. programs.
File List Manager and Command line reference and some examples you can see here.
- To encrypt an entire website (or any set of files that reside in one folder) both for 'All' and 'IE5+' browsers with different protection options for each file, use HTML Guardian's Site Manager. It will make two separate encrypted copies of your site and will generate a file which will redirect the visitors to the appropriate encrypted version of your files depending on the browser used. This way people that use IE 5 or higher(now about 95 % of all web users) will see the files encrypted for IE 5+ browsers, and the rest will see the files encrypted with the default method (for 'All' browsers).
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The encrypted file loads slow!
This could happen for big html or script files encrypted for All browsers. If it takes too much time for the browser to process the encrypted file, change the All browsers encryption method to Type II or Type III - they are optimized for bigger files. Or just check 'Automatically select encryption method' box, and the program will auto-detect and use the most suitable one. You can do this from the General Settings configuration window.
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The encrypted file doesn't work!
There could be several reasons for that, but you can be sure HTML Guardian is not one of them :)
Of course, first ensure that the original file works as expected. Make sure you have the latest version of HTML Guardian - the latest version available and the current built numbers of the Encryption engine and CodeAnalyzer engine are always listed on our website. There you can also read about syntax requirements your files should comply with, although they are very basic and simple.
Read the "Known Issues & Troubleshooting" section of the Help.
To avoid errors, save encrypted file in the same folder as the original under a different name - this will ensure that all relative paths are correct.
Additional protection options are not available for .vbs files.
When encrypting multiple files at once, some of the HTML Guardian syntax checkers are disabled. If you have problems with a file encrypted that way, try to encrypt it again separately.
If you have selected the 'Disable offline use' option, encrypted file will not work if you just double click it in windows explorer. To work, such file should be requested through http protocol. You have to upload it to some web server, or you can also test it offline if you have some http server installed, like the http server which is a part of Microsoft IIS(Internet Information Services). To test the file using a local http server, copy it to the server's root folder, then in the url field of your browser type:
Of course, you're are always welcome to contact our support team in case of any problems.
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